Our Story

Green Valley Championship '64 Marion Owens, the likable Oklahoman, has been a pioneer of Motorcycle Drag Racing for decades! The carpenter from Oklahoma who also had a knack with mechanical skills and a desire for performance started at an early age. When only in his teens a friend and local mechanic at the Harley shop showed him how to tear down and build a Harley engine. With friends and family that was around drag racing cars, he gravitated to racing motorcycles because they were a little more economical. Starting on an old knucklehead in the late 50’s was enough to set the hook! After years of racing singles against smaller competitors and what seemed like a hopeless task, finally in 1974 brother-in-law Carl Ahlfeldt asked if he wanted to ride his double engine and go to NHRA’s Super Nationals/ World Finals in Ontario, Ca. So he said: “Sure! I haven’t given it much thought, but let's try it.” They went out to the local track to get some runs in in preparation for the national. This event was historic! With the E.T. record coming into the race at 8.44, four racers went below that in qualifying, including Marion Owens!! Unfortunately on the pass he had no front brake!! So after hitting a dusty spot on the track about the time the brake pumped up, it caused him to slide down causing major damage to the right side of the bike. Carbs, pipes, mags, all had to have major work done to be ready for eliminations. But after missing out on more qualifying attempts to dial the bike in, they had to prepare for eliminations. The hard work paid off as Marion won his first big race on the double. From that point on the mention of double engine Harley's and Marion Owens became synonymous. With his wife Kathy acting as crew chief, and two kids, Bruce and Tammy, they traveled from coast to coast. In 1975 Marion won at one of the biggest annual all motorcycle events they have ever had to this day at Beech Bend Dragstrip, Bowling Green, Ky. In the process of winning he also set low E.T. of the event with an 8.14! This was below the current record!! The Granddaddy of them all though, was winning NHRA’s U.S. Nationals (INDY) Indianapolis, Indiana in 1978. A star packed field of motorcycle drag racers were qualified for this event and "Big Mo” as friends and fans call him came out on top! Winning his second coveted Wally!! With help from his many sponsors and wife Kathy, the Owens family went on to win the National Championship 10 Times with 7 different sanctions and setting numerous records along the way. Mo has always thrived to compete against the best, traveling as far as Europe to take on all that they had to offer and bringing home a win from there as well. Marion to this day still has the love for the sport of drag racing nitro motorcycles and will try at every chance he can to be around it. Life is about making memories, and these memories were made with his family and friends and are some of his favorite memories.